Monday, April 15, 2013

My Pet

Wes and I take about 3 walks a day around our apartment complex and in doing so we have become friends with many of the neighborhood kids.  One little girl around the age of 3 is this cute little chubby hispanic girl who we call "The Complex Cruiser." She's usually out in her power wheels convertible swerving all over the side walks.   This is a problem especially when we walk by and she's staring at Wes instead of looking where she is going.  It is pretty hilarious

Today as we went to check the mail we were met by the complex cruiser, her mom and brother at the mailboxes.  When She saw us she said "Aww how cute!" And came and touched his hand.  She turned to her cousin who was also with them and said, "Isabella do you want to come pet the baby?" Her 8 year old brother added, "Look at his eyes they are bulging out so much they are going to fall out of his head!" Wes is like a puppy dog with really big eyes according to them.  Compliments from kids..gotta love em :)

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