Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Weekend Visit

Another visit to the duck pond but this time with Grandpa C!  He came to spend the weekend with us so we planned some fun schtuff to do with him.  And yes, sitting at the pond feeding ducks like a couple of old geezers is fun to Matt and I!  I have discovered that birding isn't a Matt thing, it's a Cline thing!  They like their birds.  And for the first time this day Wes gave us lots of laughs that we didn't have to tickle out of him.  He thought the ducks were hilarious!  Looks like he will carry on the tradition

 Grandpa C giving Wes a ride
 3 generations of Clines
Our little bird

1 comment:

  1. I love that he laughs this young! Ivy didn't crack a giggle til close to 6 months. He's such a cute little bird. :) Oh and Matt would be in heaven if he ever headed out east. Particularly around our parts. We see gorgeous birds in our yard every single day! I love it.