Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whats new


Wes' 2 new attractions!
  The Bumbo seat gives him plenty of time to examine his feet.  And the Johnny Jump Up.. well, though he's a lil too small for it, he likes to sit and twirl himself around with his big toe

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Out With The Old


We have about a month left before we leave Arizona and in the next year we will have to move a total of 3 times.  So we are taking a deep breath and selling as much as we can to make the next year a little less stressful.  I will miss our fun collection but I keep telling myself there's plenty of old furniture out there.  It'll give me something to do in a couple of years when hopefully we will have a more permanent home!

A Weekend Visit

Another visit to the duck pond but this time with Grandpa C!  He came to spend the weekend with us so we planned some fun schtuff to do with him.  And yes, sitting at the pond feeding ducks like a couple of old geezers is fun to Matt and I!  I have discovered that birding isn't a Matt thing, it's a Cline thing!  They like their birds.  And for the first time this day Wes gave us lots of laughs that we didn't have to tickle out of him.  He thought the ducks were hilarious!  Looks like he will carry on the tradition

 Grandpa C giving Wes a ride
 3 generations of Clines
Our little bird

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Pet

Wes and I take about 3 walks a day around our apartment complex and in doing so we have become friends with many of the neighborhood kids.  One little girl around the age of 3 is this cute little chubby hispanic girl who we call "The Complex Cruiser." She's usually out in her power wheels convertible swerving all over the side walks.   This is a problem especially when we walk by and she's staring at Wes instead of looking where she is going.  It is pretty hilarious

Today as we went to check the mail we were met by the complex cruiser, her mom and brother at the mailboxes.  When She saw us she said "Aww how cute!" And came and touched his hand.  She turned to her cousin who was also with them and said, "Isabella do you want to come pet the baby?" Her 8 year old brother added, "Look at his eyes they are bulging out so much they are going to fall out of his head!" Wes is like a puppy dog with really big eyes according to them.  Compliments from kids..gotta love em :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Faces of a 3 Month Old

I can hardly believe it's been 3 months already!  It is so fun seeing Wes grow and reach milestones that would seem small and insignificant but in actuality are all a really big deal!  Not only for Wes but for Matt and I too!
He gives us lots of big gummy smiles and loves to laugh.  

He coos with us and loves to sing songs that require you to quack like a duck and use as many facial and hand expressions possible.  

He is getting the hang of sleeping at night with 8 hour stretches on occasion.   

We just love this little guy!  Here's a peak at our little spud these days:

New trick: Shoving his fist in his mouth.
Wes' hair is getting longer..can you tell?
He is starting to roll over!  Well, if loosing his balance on his stomach counts as rolling over
He's a pro at blowing bubbles

Stink eye? Why yes.
Love his pouts.. and those cheeks!

He likes to play the copy cat game which ends up with us sticking our tongues out at each other
And those smiles..will never get tired of those smiles